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Green Gold: Premium Hardwood Pellets

Green Gold: Premium Hardwood Pellets

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About Green Gold Pellets

Pellet quality is the number one goal at Greene Team. Greene Team receives fresh sawdust daily from local sawmills and process it into wood pellet fuel quickly. The sawdust never has had a chance to degrade prior to pelletization. This ensures the highest possible BTU value. Their state of the art facility allows them to consistently produce the highest quality pellet fuel. There is an in house lab and test finished product every ½ hour to maintain quality control. To eliminate fines in the bag, all pellets are screened three times prior to bagging.


 Meets or exceeds the following PFI standards:

  • Bulk Density (lbs/cubic foot): 40 – 46
  • Diameter (inches): 0.250 to 0.285
  • Fines % (at the mill gate): < 0.5
  • Inorganic Ash %: 0 – 1
  • Length (% greater than 1.5 inches): < 1"
  • Moisture %: <= 8
  • BTUs: > 8000



  • By the Bag (40lbs)
  • By the ton (2,000lbs)