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DS Machine Coal and Wood Stove Econo Riteburn 1624

DS Machine Coal and Wood Stove Econo Riteburn 1624

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The Econo Riteburn provides plenty of heat at a reasonable price. If you choose, this stove can be used as a secondary heat source to get you started. It is ideal for shops and greenhouses. Controlled by our special DS Regulator, the Econo Riteburn is easy to operate and requires low maintenance. It could be the right burner for you. 


  • Burns coal and wood
  • Heats up to 2600 sq. ft.
  • Secondary Combustion System
  • Bi-metal draft regulator
  • Built from quality steel
  • Superior cast iron shaker grates
  • Cast iron air tight doors
  • Available in left or right hand door opening
  • Exterior Shaker Handles
  • Minimal Dust
  • Good value
  • Made in USA by the Amish



Fuel: Coal and Wood

Heating Area: 1,500- 2,600 sq. ft.

Efficiency: 71.5%

BTU Approx: 140,000 BTU

Firebox Size (WxD): 16"x 24"

Firebox Volume: 4.9 cu. ft.

Log Size: 22"

Overall Size: (WxDxH): 29.5" x 30" x36"

Load Door Size (WxH): 11" x 12"

Ash Door Size (WxH): 16.5" x 5.5"

Top Exhaust: 7" Left or Right 

Rear Exhaust: N/A

Blower: N/A

U.L. Tested: YES *

Weight: 415 lbs

Sheet Metal Jacket: Standard

Warming Shelf: N/A

Warranty: 5-year limited


Clearance From Combustibles

Side: 24"

Side Door: 48"

Back Exhaust Side: 30"

Front: 24"

Flue/Stove pipe: 18"

Ceiling: 36"