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Venting DVL: Adjustable Black Pipe

Venting DVL: Adjustable Black Pipe

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DVL's Double wall air insulated design reduces clearances to combustibles from 18" to 6", the closet clearance to a wall of any connector pipe. DVL improves stove performance by maintaining high flue gas temperatures for a strong, steady draft. Because the inner wall is stainless steel the flue heats up faster, stays hot longer, minimizes the formation of creosote, and has the same life expectancy as the chimney. Adjustable lengths eliminate the need for cutting or crimping.



Use to add length to DVL pipe. 6" pipe adds 2"-5" of length, 12"  pipe adds 2"- 11" of length when used with rigid sections of pipe. 12" section can be ovalized for oval to round appliance connector.

DVL Applications

 Double Wall interior stovepipe for connecting wood stoves to manufactured chimney.


6" clearances to walls

8" clearance to ceilings, including cathedral ceilings


Stock Sizes (6" Diameter)
6"  Length
12" Length