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CL86G / CL96G: Newmac Multi-fuel Furnace (Wood, Coal and Oil)

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 Where anthracite coal is available, these models give you the ultimate conservation choice. Features include a large firebox and fire door with shaker grates for coal. Whether it’s used to heat a vacation home or a large dwelling, these models are both true all fired winners when efficiency and energy sources matter to you.



  • Separate combustion chamber for oil
  • All welded steel heat exchanger with a 10 year limited warranty
  • Steel inner wall gives extra insulating protection
  • Wide flue passages for easy clean-out
  • Secondary heat exchanger maximizes heat transfer
  • Ceramic fibre chamber for combustion efficiency
  • Extra large brick lined firebox
  • Quiet flame retention head oil burner
  • Preheated combustion air is introduced by a thermostatically controlled draft system. This method promotes high efficiency and reduces creosote
  • A curtain of air prevents smoke from coming out the fire door when the furnace is charged with fuel
  • Disposable air filters
  • Extra large firebox door for easy loading
  • Twin blowers
  • Single 8" smoke pipe
  • Blower section can be mounted on the left or right hand side
  • Pre-wired electrical harness for easier installation
  • Output: Oil 86,000-96,000 BTUs/
  • Coal (Avg.) 100,000 BTUs