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Kozy Heat Fireplace Insert: Chaska 34

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Transform that cold, drafty fireplace with a clean efficient Chaska gas insert from Kozy Heat. The Chaska gas inserts are completely air tight and are the perfect solutions to your existing wood fireplace. The Chaska Gas Inserts offer a large viewing area with our most realistic flame and log pattern yet. With three versions to choose from, the Chaska 34 insert is available with a traditional log set, contemporary looking rock, or glass media models. The standard light kit (log and rock model) and standard accent lighting on the glass bead model will not only let you operate the fireplace without heat, but will add the extra touch of realism that will soon make you forget that your not burning wood anymore!  



  • Comes in Log, Glass or Rock media
  • Viewing Area: 30-1/8" x 17-13/16"
  • 34,000 BTU/hr Input - NG
  • 34,000 BTU/hr Input – LP
  • High Efficiency:
    • Natural Gas - 74.16%
    • LP Gas - 76.66%
  • ENERGUIDE P.4 – 69.87% / 70.44%
  • Electronic Ignition Pilot System
  • Co-Linear Air Duct - Accepts 3" Combustion Air / 3" Exhaust
  • High Quality Lifetime Glass with Quick-Latch Removal
  • Fan Kit
Design Standard Features 
  • Curved Black Enamel lining
    • Standard in Chaska 34 Glass and Chaska 34 Rock only
  • Traditional Brick Lining
    • Standard in the Chaska 34 Log only
  • Ember Light Kit
    • Standard in the Chaska 34 Log and Chaska 34 Rock only
  • Accent Light Kit
    • Standard in the Chaska 34 Glass only 
Required Design Features
  • Glass Media Kit
  • Black Rectangular Screen Front
Optional Features:
  • Black Enamel Refractory
    • Optional for Chaska 34 Log
  • Shroud Trim
  • Floor Protector - required if removing existing floor (see manual)
Required for Installation:
  • 1 piece shroud
    • Standard or Custom size






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