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C & C Smith: Pellets

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About C&C Smith Pellets 

At the Smith mill they peel the logs and then sell the bark to mushroom farmers and landscape companies. All sawdust and end cuts are ground and made into wood pellets.

Wood Pellet operation started in 1992, in order to minimize waste by using our sawdust. Manufacturing Wood Pellets has become an asset to C&C Smith company. It started out just being wasted sawdust and has grown into a profitable operation, making some of the best pellets on the market.

  • Only fresh hardwood sawdust
  • There is no poplar or basswood in our product to lower the BTU’s and raise the ash content
  • Monitored ash content and BTU’s to ensure our quality


  • By the Bag (40lbs)
  • By the ton (2,000lbs)