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AirTemp: Gas Hot Air Furnace

AirTemp: Gas Hot Air Furnace

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Comfortable, quiet home heating…that's what you can expect with an Airtemp gas furnace. Less than 35 inches high, with an appliance-grade cabinet, these furnaces reliably and efficiently deliver consistent temperatures throughout the home, year after year. All Airtemp furnaces are engineered down to the last detail for whisper-quiet operation and efficient, worry-free performance. 100% fired and then tested during each critical step of the manufacturing process, Airtemp gas furnaces offer protection you can count on with some of the best consumer warranties in the business.


  • Multi -speed Direct-drive blower: With multi-speed motors designed to provide a wide range of airflow delivery or energy efficient brushless DC (ECM) motors for reduced energy consumption.
  • Blower delay at start-up: Assures warm air at furnace start-up, eliminates initial rush of cool air during the heating cycle.
  • Cleaner combustion: Multi-port, in-shot gas burner and innovative design features assure cleaner, more efficient combustion.
  • Low Boy Height: Easy to apply in low ceiling applications, works well with taller high SEER coils, easier to handle and install
  • Tubular Primary Heat Exchanger: Heavy gauge aluminized steel  heat exchanger assures a long life.
  • Appliance type igniter: 20-year history of reliability.
  • Dependable heat exchanger: The furnace's key component is backed with a lifetime limited warranty upon product registration. See warranty details for more information.
  • Durable finish: Galvanized steel cabinet for added strength and durability. Silicone-polyurethane finish provides superior scratch and corrosion resistance. Rounded corners provide a pleasing appliance appearance
  • Designed and Assembled in the USA: Airtemp products are designed assembled and repeatedly and thoroughly tested in the heartland of America.
  • High Efficiency Blower Kits: Maximize efficiencies. On select units, a Seer improvement of up to 1 point is realized.
  • Hot Surface Ignitor: Innovative application of an appliance type ignitor with a 20 year history or reliability. Utilizes proven Smartlite technology.



  • Heating Capabilities: 45,000-126,000 BTUH
  • Efficiency Models: 80%, 92%, and 95%
  • Warranty: 10 Year all parts limited warranty. One year replacement pledge to replace the unit if the heat exchanger fails within the first year of operation, to the original owner. See warranty conditions
  • LP convertible: Simple burner orifice and regulator spring change for easy motor speed
  • Diagnostic Lights for easy troubleshooting without counting flashes- Dedicated light for flame signal strength and 2 lights in combination to indicate all other fault codes with easy to recognize states without counting flashes.
  • Integrated control board: Incorporates connections for electronic air cleaner and humidifier